Helping businesses realise their strategies by revolutionising the way people function and perform, in a FRESH, SMART, PERSONAL & TRUSTED manner

Welcome TO RBS...

RBS is a people business, aligning sensible people solutions with powerful business strategies. As a leading people value engineering consultancy we specialise in making businesses operationally ready through sound research, detailed design, thorough planning and implementation. With more than 20 years experience, we are at the forefront of people centric trends, while giving due consideration to our stakeholder’s expectations.

What we do

Over the years, our team has expanded and refined our products and consulting tools in the areas of Organisation Design, People Risk, Operational Readiness and Compliance. We apply a personal touch and integrated approach in designing people solutions, within the holistic context of our client’s business. Simply put, using RBS is an intelligent way of getting the best integrated business results through people solutions. Our products are made up of various interchangeable services that are tailored to suite our clients unique requirements.

  • Specialised people risk mitigation services focussing on the identification and management of any and all risks related to the people within a business, specifically from an individual as well as an organisational perspective.
  • This area covers all phases related to capital projects and focuses on the provision of proven methodologies and services which support the achievement of the client’s social license to operate and ultimately contribute to the return on investment.
  • Specialised re-engineering and optimisation services in order to enhance our clients’ business performance standards and reduce related risks of their current operational concerns.
  • Driven through legislative compliance requirements, we specialise in designing, implementing and managing all enablers to ensure adherence to stipulated legislation.

Our Values

Fresh Not “cool”, rather: Crisp, Relevant, Straightforward and Progressive.
Smart More than “clever”, rather: Purposeful, Meaningful and Crafted.
Personal Not “overly familiar”, rather: Warm, Understanding and Committed.
Trusted With good reason. We’re open, honest and real!